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Manual AK DUO - cut and loop

The AK cut and loop is very similar to the AK-I in many aspects. 

We have a set of videos below that will guide you through the main functions of the machine. 

Please refer to the AK DUO manual below in the link

Manual AK DUO

Daily maintenance


Switching from cut to loop

The following video shows the simple method:

To change from cut to loop you need to replace the scissor with one of the loop heads. 

To switch them:

  • Unplug your machine
  • Release the upper arm from the sliding part.
  • Move the upper sliding part to the front
  • Unscrew the scissor opener and move it  out of the way
  • Rotate the white wheel to the position where the scissor is all the way at the front.
  • You can now access the screw of the scissors. Unscrew them, take them out with a set of pliers and put the loophead where the scissor was. 
  • Now move back the scissor opener, somewhere at the back of the reel (it has no function for the loop setting). 
  • Reattach the arm, with the yarn guide inbetween. 
  • If you installed the loop head, you need to change the slot on the wheel, it will ensure that the loops are more small and neat. You have to release the lower arm from the wheel, to attach it to the other designated position in the wheel, the small round hole. 




Adjusting the pileheight to the heighest setting


 Checking the scissors

Checking the scissor opening system



 Adjusting the break set

To ensure the machine stops at the right position after changing  the pileheight, the brake system needs to be checked. 


Safety & Quality

Our tufting guns are 100% safety and quality certified.

6 month guarantee

We offer a 6 month guarantee on our tufting guns.