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AK I blue cut pile gun manual

<span;>Changing the pileheight

<span;>The basic concept

<span;>The distance between the point where the scissors close and the canvasspring is  same lenght as the pile. The distance between that same canvasspring and the eye of the needle should be the same plus 2 mm.

<span;>In any changes we make to the pileheight, we should always make sure that these distances stay equal plus 2 mm.

<span;>This method for changing the pileheight is the least error prone and requires the least changes to the gun. Always make sure you plug out your gun. You can hurt yourself if you accidentily turn it on while doing the changes.

<span;>The first step is to loosen the canvasspring to change the distance between the canvasspring and the scissors closing point. Unscrew the screw at the bottom, bring the relative distance of the wanted pileheight to the closing point of the scissors and tighten the screw.

<span;>Secondly we need to bring the the same distance between the needle eye and the canvasspring plus the 2 mm. This we can do by changing the lentgh of the bottom arm which holds the canvasspring and scissors in the bottom sliding part. Release this arm by taking of the the front bold. Rotate the arm to change the length and bring the desired distance between the needle eye and the canvasspring. Put the arm back in place.

<span;>After making these changes the position of the scissors has changed but not the position of the accessories that make the scissors open and close. Depending on if you made the pileheight shorter or longer, you need to check these accessories and wether they do their job right.

<span;>Do a running check. If you bring the scissors all the way to the front, they should close at the final point. If they do not close, or close too soon, move the position of the scissorcloser to a position where it does close at the right point.

<span;>Bring the scissors to the back, they should now open. If they do not open, move the scissors opener to a position where it does cause the scissors to open.

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