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What is “high quality wool”?

Wool is a natural fiber. It has a structure that, unlike most synthetic fibers, tends to shed and frizz. This goes up for all wool yarns. The spinning proces will help reduce this shedding. High quality wool yarn is therefore always subjected to an extensive spinning process, especially when the purpose of this product is rug yarn.

Natural shedding will only become visible over time. It will gradually subside within the first few months. When you are buying or tufting a rug, it is therefore important to make sure that the yarn was properly spun. Buy good wool yarn for your rugs to ensure higher quality and less shredding.

The following three characteristic of wool increase the quality of your tufted rug:

  • A good fiber length. Choose a fiber length of 3-5 inches.
  • Hand tufted rugs require strong wool. The rug yarn strength that we suggest is to be in excess of  1000CN for single ply yarn.
  • A good twist. Proper twist value of the rug yarn will help to minimize the amount shedding as well.
  • A proper dye. If rug yarn is dyed too much, the yarn fiber can be damaged due to high temperature, water, etc. The dying proces is therefore also important the maintain a high quality wool.

 Naturally, there are other factors to consider that will worsen the shedding of a rug, such as glue quality, too high pile height or too loose pile weight/density and the different tufting techniques used. So it is imperative that the entire process of making the wool rug is considered to provide a good quality wool rug.



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