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Popular tufting designs

Tufting is the biggest rug-related TikTok phenomenon around. It involves using a heavy-duty tufting gun to shoot needles into a fabric to create unique and fluffy designs. Tufting became hugely popular during lockdown, a time when people were investing more time into creative DIY projects.


This article will show you some of the popular types of rugs that people make with the tufting technique. You will be able to use these designs as inspiration for your next rug!



Source: Etsy seller IndianRugArt


Sneaker rugs are a great way to represent your love and passion for sneakers. The rug above features the popular shoe Nike Air Jordans in a unique and eyecatching rug you can add to your home. This design can be an amazing gift for sneaker lovers of all ages.


 Cartoon/anime characters



Many tufters are creating designs of their favourite cartoon characters as an homage to their favorite cartoon and anime shows. The rug pictured above features the character Tanjiro Kamado from the famous anime Demon Slayer.


Botanical designs

Source: Etsy seller ChocBoutiqueDesign


Botanical designs are the easiest to incorporate into your home because they can feature less quirky and more traditional rug designs. The pictured rug features a beautiful leaf design that can easily be added to a bathroom or bedroom.


Tufted mirrors

Source: Etsy seller ShopHouseofJ


Tufted mirrors are a hugely trending design on TikTok. They are a great way to incorporate a cool and original tufted design into your home. You can easily replicate this design with traditional tufting tools, a cheap mirror frame and cardboard.


Pattern rugs



Pattern rugs are a fun way of adding some character to your home. They can add personality to your home without being overwhelming or too quirky. This type of rug will draw the eye while still complementing the rest of your interior design.



Source: Tugs Rugs on YouTube


A really cool tufting design to make is one of your pets. It’s a great way to immortalise your pets and show your infinite love for them. It might also confuse them to see their face in a rug, which is always fun.



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